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eARC Review: Stealing Home by Becky Wallace

This was a quick, and fun read. This is my first Becky Wallace book, and it certainly won't be my last. Her writing style is both captivating and unique and really pulled me in, as a reader.


Wallace's characters, Ryan and Sawyer were so awesome together. The sweet chemistry that you instantly feel between their quirky characters is fantastic. It's just enough to spark the romance between them, while not being crazy and wild. Definitely what I like to see in a young adult read.


Seeing Ryan and Sawyer work together to help Ryan's dreams come true was another refreshing point to the story. I felt like I was right there with them, cheering from the side lines we call life.


If you like a young adult read that has just the right combination of fast paced reading, gripping characters, and sparks of romance, then this is definitely a 4 star book you don't want to miss. This baseball read has me ready for summer to come and another amazing book from this talented author. Great job on hitting a home run with this fan, Ms. Wallace!


*I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and was under no obligation to post a review, positive or negative.*

Book Review: Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly



As someone who has dealt with multiple tragic losses, depression and anxiety all at the same time, this book really hit me with the emotions. I was feeling them all with this amazingly written novel from a truly talented author. From the start, Ms. Donnelly had me hooked. I picked this bok up at the local used bookstore just to have something to read, not knowing the emotional connections I would have with all the characters.

Andi and Alexandrine are beautifully chiseled with their flaws and their pain and sadness. Both characters, while one in the present and one in the past, really tore at my heart. Alexandrine's character wrote in her journal, but the tragic loss she endured, the heartache she was dealt became mine. Andi's teenage mind, her rebelliousness, was so much like my own and the way she dealt with her pain, her loss, was so familiar to me.

That takes an incredible author to get me to connect so fully with their characters. This story of an epic revolution of mind, soul, and events, will really cocoon the reader. I stayed up long into the night, turning page after page, reveling in one world and then the next in an instant. These characters, this story line, this author deserve 4 stars and high recommendations from me, so that is what they are getting. I absolutely can not wait until I get my hands on another amazing story from this very talented author.

*I Purchased a copy of this book for my collection and was under no obligation to post a review, positive or negative.*

Review: An Uncommon Protector by Shelley Shepard Gray

An Uncommon Protector - Shelley Shepard Gray

I'm a big historical fiction fan, and when I saw the synopsis of this book, I was excited to read it. Not only was it historical, it's by one of my favorite authors. It is the second in a series, but I wasn't lost or confused at all so it's easily read as a stand alone.

Shelley Shepard Gray once again creates characters that intriguing and complex. The emotions she weaves into the story are amazing and felt by the reader throughout the story. I love that feeling! Falling in love with Laurel and Thomas was a wonderful experience. I won't soon forget their characters!

Mixed among the pages are messages of hope, faith, love, and trusting one another. The historical elements are portrayed perfectly. This is one book I would recommend to all who are looking for a good, clean historical romance novel. You'll be taken on a whirlwind ride and fall in love with the works of Ms. Gray. I can't wait to read another in this series. Well done!

Review: The Angel Of Forest Hill by Cindy Woodsmall

The Angel of Forest Hill: An Amish Christmas Romance - Cindy Woodsmall

Fabulously done! Ms. Woodsmall is a wonderful Amish author and I always look forward to her works. When I saw that this was not only an Amish novella but a Christmas Amish novella, I was ecstatic. Two of my favorite things wrapped up in one beautifully written package.

This is a quick, easy read perfect for Christmas reading. Ms. Woodsmall hits on all the things that are important in life, and adds loving characters the steal your heart instantly. I loved feeling at home within the pages!

If you want a fast, easy read that's filled with God's love, families that become yours and beautiful author talent, then grab a copy of this 5 star read now! I can't wait for more!

Review: Love Bears All Things by Beth Wiseman

Love Bears All Things (An Amish Secrets Novel) - Beth Wiseman

As a long time lover of Beth Wiseman's words, I was super excited to read this book! The synopsis sounded fantastic and I was ready for another amazing Amish novel by this talented lady's hands. When I sat down to read it, I was definitely in for treat! She did not disappoint, once again.

From start to finish, this novel had me hanging on the words of the characters and the author. Despite this being the second novel in a series that I've missed the first one, I wasn't confused and was instantly hooked by the friends and families within. I felt a part of the Amish world and was anxious to see what happened.

Ms. Wiseman's talent wraps the love and hope of the Amish world, and mixes it up with powerful messages from God. This clean, sweet read is one that is going to be at the top of my recommendation list for months to come! Well done on another 5 star novel, Ms. Wiseman!

Review: To Have And To Hold by Various Authors

To Have and to Hold: Three Autumn Love Stories (A Year of Weddings Novella) - Betsy St. Amant, Katie Ganshert, Becky Wade

A fantastic read! I love reading multiple story collaborations in one book, but superbly talented authors. These three ladies are truly amazing at what they do and I loved reading every minute of their works. 

From start to finish, these three stories fill the reader with hope, love and passion, along with wonderful inspirations. Loving and holding on to your happily ever afters are sometimes the greatest gifts we can receive from God and Betsy St. Amant, Becky Wade and Katie Ganshert portrayed that perfectly in these page turning stories. 

If you love to be hooked on great reads, love inspiration and faith in God and authors who know just what their readers want, then this book is one that should be forever on your shelf! Fall in love with these characters and their quirky ways along with their friends just like I did! Well done, ladies. 

Review: Blessing by Lyn Cote

Blessing (Quaker Brides) - Lyn Cote

I love jumping at the chance to read books that are filled with powerful messages from God. So, when I saw this book, I jumped on the chance to review it. However, I was sadly disappointed in the this particular book. The story line fell flat for me. The characters didn't grip me and hook me like I was hoping they would. I tried many, many times to review this book but sadly, again, I could not finish it all. However, that being said, I still encourage everyone to read this book. Just because it wasn't for me, does not mean that you will not enjoy it or find a message within for you! 

The Courtship Basket by Amy Clipston

The Courtship Basket (An Amish Heirloom Novel) - Amy Clipston

Ms. Clipston has been a long time favorite Amish author of mine. When I see she has a new book out, I instantly jump on the chance to read and review it. Her characters, her strong messages, the faith that she weaves into her heartwarming stories always captivates me. This book, THE COURTSHIP BASKET, definitely didn't disappoint me! 

Filled with all things that make a book a wonderful read, heartache, love, sparks and a spunky young child, Ms. Clipston stole my heart with Rachel, Mike, John and, yes! Even David, though I was on the fence about him and the way he did Rachel. But, at the end of the book, I could see his villainous was as to be a huge part of the story. 

This Amish novel is one that I highly recommend to all! It's instantly a soul sucking, heart gripping novel and I can't wait to read more! Well done on this 5 star read, Ms. Clipston! 

Review: Nash by Jay Crownover

Nash - Jay Crownover

Molly’s Thoughts:
Again! She has done it again. Another great Marked Men novel by the talented Ms. Crownover! I enjoyed this book so incredibly much. Nash and Saint…so glad they got their story! 


I’ll talk about Saint first. I loved her character. I loved feeling her emotions. Most of them, though, I came by them naturally as I went through a lot of what she went through. It really hit home with me. In fact, I am still struggling with it. The letting go isn’t easy and it’s something that needs to be done to move on completely and life a full, happy life. 


Nash Donovan. Bless him and his flaming tattoos. He’s a sexy character and I loved him. He really struggled in this book, but to watch him come to terms with his life, his heart… really was a wonderful thing to watch! Jay, can you get me a Nash, please? Cause that sexy man just stole my heart! 


I won’t go into a lot of detail as I don’t like to give spoilers. But, if you enjoy sexy, tatted men, and women who steal their breaths away, along with a soul sucking plot line that doesn’t let you go, then Ms. Crownover’s NASH is a wonderful addition for you. Definitely shelf worthy, re-read worthy and highly, highly recommened 4.5 star read! Once again, a story that makes you think, filled with passion and sparks, Ms. Crownover gave us another fantabulous read! 

Review: Rome by Jay Crownover

ROME - Jay Crownover

Another fabulous book by the superbly talented Ms. Crownover! Oh Lawdy, is it ever amazing. I loved Rule, I loved Jet, but Rome? I have nothing but mad, mad, mad love for this sexy big brother! Reading his story left me hurting, left me wanting more of Rome and Cora, left me in an emotional state that I love to be in when I read incredibly written novels. 


Rome Archer is a tortured soul, full of hurt, anger, desperation and hope. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and tell him to just let go and live. His pain of the past and all he went through quickly became mine. I saw his life through his life from the start of his story. Watching him develop through out the story was awesome. 


And Cora Lewis. Bless her little “half pint” soul. I really loved how Jay created her character. She was a cute little pixie for sure and I fell in love with her character just as quickly as I fell in love with Rome’s. Her past and present were tortured, too, and when a twist is thrown into the story……well, let’s just say I loved her even more with how she

handled herself! 


This book is beyond 5 star worthy to me. Ms. Crownover once again created a novel filled with steamy passion, hot sex, and a story line sure to leave you tangled up in emotions and ready for the next Marked Man! Well done and hats off to you, Ms. Crownover! Looking forward to reading the next incredible man in the series!

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Review: A Moment Of Weakness by Karen Kingsbury

A Moment of Weakness - Karen Kingsbury

Ms. Kingsbury has done it again! Once again, she has created a faith filled, emotional rollercoaster story that steals my breath.....and my heart. Jade and Tanner's characters truly came to life for me. Every heart ache, heart beat, moment of weaknesses and wishes became my own. Following Jade and Tanner, I fell in love with God all over again, fell in love with characters that brought me to the center of their world, and fell in love, once again, with Ms. Kingsbury's writing style. Definitely highly recommended with highest of 5 stars! 

Review: Waiting For Morning by Karen Kingsbury

Waiting for Morning - Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury is a long time favorite author of mine. She creates stories full of depth, heart ache, hope and meaning. Each book she creates has wonderful twists, and heartwrenching plots. Waiting For Morning is no different and has become one of my favorites of her novels. 

Waiting For Morning is a story that is filled with incredible messages of leaning on God, grasping onto your faith and understanding that tomorrow will come and sometimes, despite the heartache, it will be a better a day. 

Ms. Kingsbury weaves her characters into the story in the perfect way, making them meaningful and true to life. Each one captures a piece of my heart and takes on their journey, keeping me close to them so I feel every instance of their walk. I feel every emotion, every bit of laughter, every  tear. I pray with them, I lean on them. 

That is the kind of story that Ms. Kingsbury creates and throws to her reader. I highly recommend Waiting For Morning to all. I also suggest that you have tissues near by and a long night for reading because you'll need the tissues for the tears and the long night because you won't want to close it til the last chapter is finished! I can't wait to dive into book two! 

Review: A Heart's Home by Colleen Coble

A Heart's Home (A Journey of the Heart) - Colleen Coble

Another wonderful hit from the ever talented Ms. Coble! She is truly talented in her works and creates these stories about the Amish and their romances and struggles perfectly. With each new story I read by her, I become further and further invested into the lives and hearts of these wonderful families. 

A Heart's Home is a moving story. One that is filled with emotions, secrets, faith and hope. Each page turn brought me closer to the end, and desperate for more. Ms. Coble's creation of Emmie and Isaac was beautifully done. 

If you are looking for a book filled with honor, love, and cherished families, then this is the one for you. These novellas are heartwarming, moving and addictive! High flying colors for Ms. Coble's work! 


*This book was provided for review by BookLook Bloggers.* 

Review: The Mapmaker's Children by Sarah McCoy

The Mapmaker's Children - Sarah McCoy

Ms. McCoy wrote a splendidly inspiring novel with this book. From start to finish I was engrossed in a wonderful novel filled with emotion, depth and meaning. Taken to a time in history where the Underground Railroad was what was used among those that were slaves, and to a time when the war was raging, Ms.McCoy truly kept me hooked on the story. 

The characters were chiseled perfectly for their roles and I found myself quickly becoming a part of the story and making friends with these characters. This is definitely a novel worthy of 4 stars and high recommendations! Well done! 

Review: A Heart's Danger by Colleen Coble

A Heart's Danger - Colleen Coble

Ms. Coble is one of my favorite Christian fiction authors. She always creates a story filled with hope, faith, love, and twists that will keep you up late at night. While this is the third book in this series by the ever talented Ms. Coble, I was not confused and loved following the scenes and fast paced story of Ben, Rand and Sarah. With each page turn of this short, fast paced read, Ms. Coble drew me closer and closer to the heart of the story. With 4 stars and highest of praises, I definitely recommend this book to all Coble fans, and those new to her works. You won't be disappointed and will be anxious for the next release to the series! Well done, Ms. Coble!

Review: A Heart's Betrayal by Colleen Coble

A Heat's Betratal - Colleen Coble

Ms. Coble has done it again with another amazing book! These short, quick reads are filled with fast paced settings, romance, faith and hope. The characters are easy to love and the story line sucks you in in true Coble form. I am highly recommending this to all Coble fans and am looking forward to the next amazing installment!